Recognizing Employees Beyond the Workplace
Samantha Susock

In the office, it often times becomes easier to overlook the professional business accomplishments of employees. It is even easier to forget to celebrate their accomplishments outside of the workplace. However, at Heery, I’ve come to find that is not the case. Rolling into my eighth month since starting at Heery, I found that I have not worked for a company that so strongly celebrates one another. I’ve also found that we have a really unique group of folks that have inspired myself and others in so many different ways.

Over the summer, I discovered that our VP of Construction Management Linda Smith competes in Ironman competitions, a 2.4 mile swim, 11.2 mile bike and 26.2 mile run combined all in one day. While she’s competed in several already, the main inspiration behind this story is learning that she’s qualified for the World Championship this fall.

On the other hand, Miami Marketing & Interior Designer Carla Noriega not only spends a full day at the office, but she also dances as a ballerina and teaches dance classes at her family-owned studio, explaining she works hard to balance her time because she’s passionate about both professions.

These are just a few of the motivating stories about Heery employees. Not too long ago, a group of employees joined forces with a client to participate in the 198 mile Hood to Coast Relay to help finish cancer.

While we do celebrate our professional business accomplishments, the structure of our culture reflects a family-like atmosphere where we genuinely care about each other’s achievements and goals fulfilled in our personal lives. It provides an extra sense of encouragement when we recognize that we are all just people with aspirations in all corners of our life.