National Archive & Record Administration - Carter Presidential Library and Museum

The Carter Presidential Library consists of an archives and a museum and is approximately 69,750 SF, including 15,269 SF of exhibit space and 19,818 SF of collection storage space. It is not a library in the usual sense but is a research facility and a museum. The archives is a repository of approximately 27 million pages of Jimmy Carter’s White House material.

Heery was contracted to provide design, construction management and commissioning services for the replacement of existing HVAC equipment with a goal to achieve compliance with NARA 1571 environmental requirements which require stringent temperature, humidity, and filtration requirements. The project included a new control system and other associated equipment, structural and architectural modifications. Heery provided life-cycle cost analysis and clarification of AHU type and replacement options.

The on-site Heery team provided a smooth transition between design, construction and commissioning. Heery worked closely with the facilities staff during design analysis to identify existing concerns to be addressed and during testing to assure the staff was left with a fully functioning system that they knew how to operate.

Heery has completed over 9 projects for the Carter Library since 2008.

Key components of this program include the following:

  • High Density Storage (HDS) design
  • Collections move
  • Exterior renovations
  • Exterior lighting design
  • Emergency generator
  • Rubble wall/ BER structural repairs
  • ADA toilet design


Construction Management


Atlanta, GA


69,750 SF