Giving Back

Heery International Foundation

The Heery International Foundation was established to support exceptional charitable organizations that make a difference in our communities each and every day. Exhibiting the theme of “Shaping Brighter Futures”, the Heery International Foundation engages in fundraising events to support local charities in its Heery from the Heart program.

In addition to community engagement, the Foundation solicits nominations from Heery employees for charities that are meaningful to them. Each year, the Foundation grants a gift to those nominated charities that have demonstrated their ability to shape a brighter future for our world.

Heery From the Heart

Heery is a strong proponent of giving back to the communities in which we live and work, and our employees are active and involved in their local communities. With staff in 17 locations throughout the United States, the community involvement of our employees is diverse and effective. Heery supports these efforts in a variety of ways, under the moniker Heery from the Heart. The centerpiece of Heery's corporate citizenship program is our annual Community Service Month. During the course of a month, each office designates a month, Heery employees, with support from the firm, engage in community activities that respond to the needs of the local communities and the interests of our employees.

These organized, coordinated events are typically under one of three service umbrellas, reflecting the culture of Heery and the skills of our staff:

  • Children/education
  • Home building/repair
  • Environment