Atlanta Design Takes Home Four ASID GA Design Awards

Heery’s Atlanta Design Team took home four awards at the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Georgia Chapter’s 37th Annual Design Excellence Awards. The ceremony recognizes the best of Georgia’s commercial and residential design. The team was recognized for their work on the University of Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium, Metro Atlanta Chamber and the Intercontinental Exchange.

University of Cincinnati Nipper Stadium West Pavilion Expansion
Contract Institutional Gold Award

Characterized by transparency, a dramatic X-braced steel structure, and an outstanding spectator atmosphere, the new pavilion elevates the stadium into a stand-alone class.  The $86 million, 115,000 square foot stadium renovation had two major goals: enhance the fan experience and promote connectivity between the stadium and campus.  While the curved, angular geometry of the pavilion offers dramatic views of the field and surrounding campus, the interior design focuses on providing a memorable guest experience.  The design utilizes back-painted glass, natural stone, and other high-end finishes which strengthen brand identity and support fundraising activities. 

Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Relocation
Contract 20,000 to 75,000 SF Gold Award

The design of the client’s new 26,000 SF office is driven by the desire to connect businesses with the rich history and dynamic future of Atlanta.  Focused on business relationships, the client sought to create an innovative and flexible work environment that fosters a connected community, encourages team oriented collaboration and problem solving. The new office reflects the history and progress of Atlanta and incorporates locally-sourced building materials into the design.  In support of the client’s mission, the design focused on three main elements: branding, technology, and connectivity.

Intercontinental Exchange
Contract Under 200,000 SF Silver Award

Designed for the new owners of the New York Stock Exchange, this corporate headquarters challenges the traditional notion of a corporate landscape by creating a vertical campus with a flexible work environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and movement.  Phase 2 of the full-building renovation focuses on 19,700 square feet of amenities to support the 14-story office tower.

Intercontinental Exchange – Faceted Tables
Contract Product Design

As the new owner of the New York Stock Exchange, the Intercontinental Exchange required a space that aesthetically conveyed the stability and tradition of that institution while also demonstrating their own technological edge. The design of the prefunction tables within the conference center, is a physical representation of their corporate identity. Multi-faceted elements, reinforce their place as a nimble “disrupter” in the realm of commodities exchanges and international finance. Concurrently, the cool color palette, fluidity of form and reflective planar surfaces, compliments the corporate acronym, ICE, - itself a concise statement of the company’s goals and mission statement.