Heery Hosts Atlanta Engineering Teachers

Heery hosted two Atlanta engineering and technology teachers for a day-long Engineering Teacher Externship where they experienced a real-life model of working in a collaborative engineering work environment. Ms. Lucy from Crim Open Campus High School and Mr. Campbell from Fredrick Douglass High School spent the day with our structural, mechanical and electrical engineers. They kicked-off the day with an industry overview provided by Michael Rometo, Director of Engineering Operations, and after began shadowing Heery engineers and conducting employee interviews. By exposing Ms. Lucy and Mr. Campbell to real-life applications of what they teach in their classrooms, it will enable them to develop curriculum suited for project-based learning that will better reflect the world of work in that classroom.

A key takeaway from their externship was the importance of a collaborative working environment and how that type of environment needs to make its way into every engineering classroom. “By shadowing and seeing engineers in their element, we now know how to emphasize to our students the importance of working together as a team,” mentioned Mr. Campbell. The importance of problem solving and critical thinking was also discussed, which are knowledge and skills outside of technology that their students need to understand.  During the day, they also attended a Lunch & Learn on Building Information Modeling.