Heery International Foundation makes charitable donation to Hope-Hill Elementary School

For the past ten years, the Heery International Foundation has worked toward its mission of “Shaping Brighter Futures” for the communities in which we live and work. Through fundraising events and employee contributions, the Heery International Foundation has raised and distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations across the country since its founding in 2009. Beginning this year, all monies raised by CBRE | Heery and its employees will support the CBRE Foundation. Guided by the same corporate philosophy in which the Heery International Foundation was established, the alignment of these two organizations will expand their charitable reach to include CBRE and CBRE | Heery offices worldwide.

On April 11, 2018, CBRE | Heery distributed its final donation under the Heery International Foundation (HIF) to Atlanta Public Schools’ Hope-Hill Elementary. Hope-Hill Elementary School (HHES), located just three miles south of CBRE | Heery’s corporate headquarters, was HIF’s very first grant recipient. Year after year since then, HIF has continued to recognize the school’s commitment to students and their families in all aspects of life, not just academics.

Viewed as pillar of the community, HHES works closely with students and their families and serves as a resource they can turn to for assistance. With the partnerships that HHES has created, families can gain social work support, food stamps, childcare, job readiness training, GED classes, students are able to receive counselling at the school for both students and parents.

Over the years, HHES has applied its charitable grants toward providing the best possible learning environment for students of all grades. One such initiative includes transforming each of its classrooms into a 21st century learning environment that fosters collaboration and creative thinking. Traditional desks were replaced with clover tables to inspire teamwork and participation, while chairs were swapped out for more comfortable options like beanie bags and V Rockers.

HHES Community Liaison Angie Lewis, who accepted the donation on behalf of HHES, explained the progress that has been made on several school initiatives.

“These grants have made a tremendous impact on our ability to create a comfortable classroom environment for our students,” Lewis said. “We are 70% toward meeting our goal in our one-to-one technology initiative, which aims to provide 100% of our students individual access to either a laptop or tablet throughout each day.”  

CBRE | Heery Executive Managing Director Glenn Jardine recognized Ms. Lewis and HHES for the school's achievements in providing students the tools and support they need to learn, grow and succeed. Jardine was joined by George Harkness, senior construction project manager, Don Green, HIF Chairman, and Heather McKeen, managing director, to present the check to Ms. Lewis on behalf of Hope-Hill Elementary School.