Safety Week 2018

Isidoro Martin

At CBRE | Heery, we aim to eliminate risk, foster safe working environments, and share best practices. We recognize that safety extends far beyond our project sites and corporate offices – it lies in the choices we make each and every day. The individual’s role and the collective impact of these choices inspire us to always do things the right way, the safe way. 

Each year, Safety Week has been an opportunity to reflect and re-energize our commitment to keep safety at the center of our company culture. Carrying the theme, "The Power of Safe Choices," Safety Week 2018 focuses on keeping safety at the forefront of each of our decisions and recognizing the impact our choices have on colleagues, the company and the greater community.

There are so many things each one of us can do to protect ourselves and others from injuries. Good work habits, a good job plan, job safety analysis, hazard awareness, following work and safety policies, and just being on top of our game each and every day. But even with all these precautions, sometimes things go wrong and our last line of defense is our PPE.

Take race car drivers and pit crews. They may have some of the most colorful PPE around. Their Fire Retardant Clothing (FRCs) are bright colors, with major sponsors’ logos across the front, back, or running down the side. Helmets are polished with logos stamped across them. They wear cool looking safety glasses, durable gloves, and slip resistance shoes, all to ensure that if something should go wrong, they will be protected. is not a single Race Car Driver who would ever think about getting in their car without their FRC suit, helmet, safety glasses, gloves, and buckled into their seats. They understand the risks of their job—and so should we.

CBRE | Heery employees in Atlanta checked out the progress being made on the Georgia Tech Locker Room Renovation Project. The group came prepared in the proper PPE when when they visited the active construction site earlier this week.