The Astonishing Engineering Behind America's Latest, Greatest Supercomputer

 “12,000 Southern homes with their air conditioners cranking would be roughly 20 megawatts of power.”George Wellborn, AIA

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s next-generation supercomputer, Summit, is 200,000 times more powerful than a top-of-the-line laptop, and uses enough energy to power 12,000 homes.

Nearing its completion, Summit will come online by the year’s end with the computer already moved into its new Leadership Computing Facility, dubbed OLCF-4 and designed by Heery.

The new supercomputer, which will become the most powerful in the U.S. and perhaps the most powerful in the world (after benchmark testing is performed), is contained in a space delicately engineered to accommodate the system’s intense power, cooling and security needs. Click here to read the full story published in latest issue of WIRED Magazine.

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