The Kalen Center: Giving Children a Chance

The Kalen Center is a 17,500 square foot facility that will house Giving Children a Chance (GCAC), Dream Weavers of Georgia, and Moeller and Associates.  While they have financing for the project, Heery put a team together, in April 2014, to help them get the most bang for their buck through help from Heery personnel, our supply chain, and industry partners.

Susan Lister is the Executive Director of GCAC of Georgia, "Giving Children A Chance.  The organization is a private child placement agency which provides foster care and adoption services throughout the state of Georgia. GCAC of Georgia, works closely with the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services to ensure children are placed in safe, nurturing homes which promote permanency and well-being for Georgia's children. GCAC of Georgia, "Giving Children A Chance," prides itself on a team approach to fostering as well a seamless approach to adoption. 

Dream Weavers of Georgia was founded by Fred T. Moeller after he recognized the tremendous needs of the children in Georgia who have been taken out of their homes and placed in foster homes. He realized that these children had a great need for the “extras” in life that are often taken for granted. Dream Weavers of Georgia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of foster children. Their goal is to create opportunities and provide resources that promote educational, emotional and social well-being of Georgia’s foster children.

Moeller & Associates provides professional behavioral health services in a safe and confidential environment while promoting positive solutions and focusing on individualized treatment.

The three organizations that will be moving into the building, in the 3rd quarter of 2016, are all dedicated to helping foster children and their families. The Heery Atlanta Team worked with Farist Consulting’s Dawn Anderson on this project to help create a space of comfort and nurturement for the children and families during visitations as well as a space that supports the missions of the organizations. Heery’s team has reached out to vendors to get in-kind donations, discounted pricing for the interior finishes and equipment, as well as collaborate closely with the client on millwork and interior and exterior paint selections to help the facility feel more like a home. Heery’s team has helped direct the aesthetics of the design to create a harmonious space that the staff, children and their families will appreciate.

In December of 2015, Dream Weavers of Georgia was that recipient of a check in the amount of $5,000 from the Heery International Foundation to assist them with their goals.