University of Florida Harrell Medical Education Building Receives LEED Gold

The University of Florida’s Harrell Medical Education Building recently earned LEED Gold Certification. The U.S. Green Building Council recognized the structure for its strong environmental performance and sustainable design. The new building employs a chilled beam system to reduce energy costs as well as passive design approaches, use of punched windows, masonry exterior and sun shades to reduce energy requirements. The project team integrated several sustainable components into the structure to match the University’s persistent use of green design, construction and planning throughout its campus while designing an environment that fosters conversation and collaboration within the University's medical education program.

Last year, Heery Design, in collaboration with Ballinger, was awarded the AIA Orlando Design Award “Built Award of Honor” and the City of Gainesville City Beautification "Outstanding Institution" Award for the Harrell Medical Education building. Harrell was developed from the inside out to hone the functional components of the building and to augment the interaction of students and faculty. Composed primarily of brick with punched windows, the building expression is a direct reflection of the programs within, while matching the existing campus context.

The 95,380 square foot facility houses teaching environments for medical education and the physician assistant programs. The building includes simulation space where students and trainees - working in reconfigurable rooms - can train and practice clinical, diagnostic, or treatment that might be encountered in a medical facility. The learning studio is comprised of two large flexible use classrooms that can be modified for lecture and group learning, all with access to cutting-edge audio visual support.