University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital Recipient of Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute's 2018 Honor Award

The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute’s (CRSI) HONORS Design Awards Program recognizes innovative reinforced concrete structures across the United States, Canada and Mexico. The program pays particular attention to the ways in which reinforced concrete has been leveraged by professionals to improve the structure’s value, sustainability, appearance and durability.

The University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital / Hospital Parking Ramp #2 project was a recipient of this year’s Honor Award. The hospital was awarded for clearly reflecting how leveraging reinforced concrete’s inherencies can result in an inspired and successful project outcome.

A flexible design, durability and resilience, sound/vibration control and financial savings were among the key factors influencing the use of reinforced concrete for the project. The children’s hospital is an oval tower in plan whose axis is skewed from the surrounding Jeffersonian grid.  The unique curvilinear design, with edges trailing seamlessly and fluidly, generates interest from all angles and approaches.  This exterior design breaks the wind and reduces the force exerted on the envelope, while the curves inside mitigate noise, enhance patient comfort, and promote safety.  Impact resistant glass and a reinforced unitized rain screen are used to further enhance safety and maintain the building’s operations during severe weather.

Hospital Parking Ramp 2 is a four-level underground structure with 700 spaces and a landscaped plaza top at grade.  The ramp provides convenient direct access for patients, families, and visitors into the existing main hospital and the new children’s hospital.  Approximately 80% of the floor area is flat to promote openness, visibility, safety, and easy maneuverability.  The structure is designed to accommodate a future bed tower as a vertical expansion.