Variety is the spice of (professional) life
Michael Rometo

I’ve blogged previously about Heery’s designing of the data center for the US’s next supercomputer and hanging a communicating stair off the side of an existing office building to aid in collaboration between the occupants. If you combine those with the MRI expansion projects I’ve worked on here in Atlanta and in Iowa City, the collegiate stadiums for Clemson, Austin Peay, Georgia State and West Virginia, waterslides at Disney, new office buildings and tenant improvements in existing office buildings and what seems like myriad other types of projects, there always seems to be a new challenge we have to face every week. I have to believe that most people who get into the building design and construction fields do so because they enjoy being challenged and solving problems.

The project pictured above is one such project. The new Air Cargo Building C in the South Cargo area of Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (HJAIA), while not overly complex or complicated, added the types of challenges that you don’t see in the other projects I mentioned. It isn’t often you have to design a 125,000 SF column free space, or roof trusses that span nearly 200’, or exterior precast with a saw-tooth geometry needed so as to not interfere with the airports radar systems. But the breadth of project types and challenges is what make coming to the office every day so enjoyable.