Anne Arundel Community College

Since 1996, Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) has been a repeat client of Heery's in updating its masterplan and feasibility studies as the college continues to plan for its future. In 2001, services for AACC's new Center for Applied Learning and Technology (CALT) began to house modern lab facilities, smart classrooms and studios to enhance the college's learning experience for its students.

Providing design services for the $17 million CALT project, Heery continued its relationship with the client by serving as the Bridging Architect, developing the program, concept and design development documents for the College’s use in selecting the design-build contractor. During the design-build phase, Heery managed the design for conformance to the College’s requirements. Heery also issued on-site construction management where the on-site construction manager was responsible for design review, quality assurance, and daily inspection and observation of the construction.

Careful management and attention to detail guided the project to achieve substantial completion and allowed occupancy in time for classes. Throughout the project, Heery ensured that quality issues were constant and required strong management skills to verify that design intent was met. In addition to state-of-the-art lab facilities and smart classrooms, Heery designed into the building an 80-seat lecture hall, modern fiber optics and a 2,400 SF multipurpose room that could easily be transformed to accommodate three conference or seminar rooms.

The three-story building serves as a focal point for the West Campus. Key components include:

  • 26 state-of-the-art lab facilities
  • Modern fiber optics
  • 23 smart classrooms
  • 80-seat lecture hall
  • 2,400 SF multipurpose room divisible into three conference/seminar rooms
  • 2 studios
  • Student and faculty amenities


Program Management
Construction Management


Arnold, MD


97,000 SF