CCA Walker State Prison

Walker State Prison's mission is to a pro-social, programmatic environment for change to those offenders who voluntarily request to participate in the program. This fosters moral and character development and cultivates pluralistic spiritual enrichment. The prison consists of 12 open dormitories, 10 housing from 50 to 74 offenders with one housing nine incentive offenders. In addition, the facility houses up to 200 probation RSAT male detainees in the northwest RSAT center. Eight offenders are housed at the Fire Hall. Being the building last major renovation was in 2000, the prison was looking for a firm to upgrade the prison's inmate housing units.

Heery is providing comprehensive Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering Services for the HVAC upgrades to the prison’s 50,000 SF inmate housing units. Project scope included the demolition and replacement of the chilled water steam and ventilation systems. Design solution accommodated phased construction for continuity of service. Detailed cost estimates were produced at all design milestones. Add alternate schedules were developed to accommodate budget/cost challenges.


  • Demolished steam boiler, air-cooled chiller, pumps and associated distribution piping in main mechanical room
  • Demolished laundry heating and ventilating units
  • Provided exterior, gas fired, self contained air conditioning and self-contained heating/ventilation units
  • Provided central, gas fired condensing boiler for domestic hot water and laundry system
  • Provided water conservation plumbing fixture controls
  • Replaced rooftop heat pump equipment service to the isolation and medical wings
  • Replaced laundry high pressure system and condensate piping


  • Provided a new panel board to accommodate added mechanical loads
  • Replaced branch circuiting serving new Mechanical and Plumbing equipment




Rock Springs, GA


50,000 SF