Colorado School of Mines Marv Kay Stadium

With the aspiration to improve player development and the game day environment for athletes and fans alike, a new stadium and athletic center was designed to accommodate all sports at Colorado School of Mines. Colorado School of Mines elected to upgrade its stadium and athletics facilities so that they would be contributing to the university’s overall quality – not only for the student-athletes, but also to give the students, alumni and fans an enhanced game day experience.

The Division II school, best known for graduating great engineers, is now known as the site with the best athletic facilities in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. The design team leveraged the Mines setting, which features a view of the Rocky Mountains, and took advantage of extensive plazas that have been previously developed on the campus, creating a natural tailgating area.

The new facility transformed the entire athletic department with the 48,000 SF Harold and Patricia Korell Athletic Center upgraded team facilities. The team components include strength and conditioning, training, hydrotherapy, equipment storage, meeting rooms, an all-team auditorium, locker rooms, and coaches’ offices. Marv Kay Stadium now has a two-tiered, 4,000 seat grandstand in the home side with restrooms, concessions, press box, and multi-function VIP areas. The visitors sideline also has an additional 1,000 seats with restrooms and concessions and a visitor’s locker room. Additionally, the project contains two other buildings, including a general concessions building and the Stermole Soccer Stadium sideline building. The soccer facility includes new locker rooms, storage, restrooms and concessions, VIP space, and a new press box. These components contributed to a much improved recruiting path.

Key component include:

  • Press box and VIP area
  • Training center with equipment
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Meeting rooms
  • Auditorium
  • Football and Track locker rooms
  • Coaches offices


Interior Design


Golden, CO


48,000 SF / 4,000 Seats