General Services Administration 1800 F Headquarters

Completed in 1917, GSA's National Headquarters building was the first truly modern, steel-framed office structure built by the United States Government and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Known as General Services Administration’s (GSA) Central Office Building or more familiarly as "1800 F," the facility is located at 18th  and F Streets, NW, two blocks from the White House. Renovations of the historic building was last completed in 1935, in which the six-story building received a seventh. With more than 80 years since its last renovation, the historic building was in much need of repair.

The client trusted Heery to modernize this fragile, historic structure by providing program management services to GSA for a multi-year, occupied renovation project. The work included the modernization of 724,000 SF of the existing facility and construction of infill structures in the courtyards to add 136,000 SF of space. For the project, all building systems were removed and replaced to institute high performance green building initiatives.

Designed in an “E-shaped” configuration, the modernization provided open courtyards that offered maximum exposure to natural light. The façade was originally designed to be brick, but substantial cost-savings measures undertaken during construction permitted the use of Indiana limestone for the exterior. To improve building flow, two new atrium infill structures were constructed to connect the South-half of the buildings to the entire facility. Retail space along the South elevation of the building was also added to provide amenities to the community and to revitalize the Rawlins Park area.

The new facility serves as a demonstration project for GSA and a showcase of smart building technology for all GSA projects nationwide. 


Program Management


Washington, DC


860,000 SF