Georgia Tech Football Locker Room Renovation

To deliver Georgia Tech (GT)’s standard of technology, excellence, and innovation, CBRE | Heery was selected for the renovation of the existing football locker room located in the North End Zone of historic Bobby Dodd Stadium. The 8,100-SF renovation included recruiting enhancements with new branded, ventilated lockers, an eye-catching ceiling feature, sleek interior finishes, adjustable lighting, upgraded MEP/FP systems, as well as new sinks, toilets, and showers. The trademark GT hexagonal pattern is expressed throughout the design tying the lockers, ceiling feature, graphics, and finishes into a cohesive and consistent branding element. 

The new space generates eye candy, as well as functionality for Georgia Tech’s combined gameday and everyday locker room. Large, graphic displays are dispersed along the hallway and main entry, including a focal Adidas ‘swag wall’ that showcases ‘athleisure’ wear, catching the eyes of recruits. Digital displays, dual charging stations, self-healing finishes, lockable storage, and jumbo-sized exhaust systems are incorporated at each individual locker. The toilet and shower area was reconfigured to provide additional toilet and shower fixtures and enhanced ‘hex’ finishes. Each shower position has both a wall-mounted and rain shower head that can be simultaneously operated for added comfort and an enhanced ‘wow’ factor with recruits. The existing steam room finishes were also upgraded to match the modern, tech aesthetic.  

 This renovation incorporates the latest technology upgrades that further drive the Georgia Tech vision. Flexible and adjustable technology components include:

  • Retinal scanners at each entry
  • Digital locker screens for updated game highlights and player profiles
  • One 84”, two 72”, and sixteen 60” LED monitors dispersed throughout the locker and hydro areas that double as TVs and message boards
  • State-of-the-art sound system
  • Multi-mode lighting calibrated for recruiting, locker-featured, gameday, daily-use, and sleep
  • Fully immersive Wi-Fi hot spots

A unique focal point within the locker room is the new hydrotherapy area that consists of two new in-ground, custom plunge pools. The cold pool operates as a walk-thru 4’-6” deep plunge pool with a bench along one side. The hot pool operates as a 4’-0” deep plunge pool with bench seating along all sides. Adjacent to the plunge pools is a fully-immersive rain shower allowing players to rinse off prior to entering the pools.

A new hydration bar was added at the intersection of the locker room, equipment cubbies, and team meeting rooms, providing convenient access for student athletes. The space offers a grab-n-go food counter as well as first-of-its-kind Powerade slushy machines, fountain dispenser, and drink cooler. 


Interior Design


Atlanta, GA


10,400 SF