Jacksonville Library

In most great cities, the library system plays a key role in the educational and cultural growth of a community. Many believe libraries are among the last of the true “public commons.” They are places where all citizens are welcome and places in which citizens feel ownership and civic pride. Unfortunately, in recent years, Jacksonville’s main library and many of its branches had fallen short of these expectations. Aged and deteriorating, the existing main library could no longer meet the needs of Jacksonville’s citizens. Lack of space made it impossible to expand collections and the existing main library had limited services.

Heery was retained to provide program management services for the development of this $150 million project, consisting of the main library, six new branch libraries and 12 existing libraries that have been expanded or improved to better meet the civic and cultural needs of the neighborhood. In addition, Heery provided commissioning for the 400,000 SF Main Library and the two largest Branch Libraries for the new Jacksonville Library program.

Key to commissioning was the need for an opening day facility with fully operational systems due to the high-profile nature of the project. Particular emphasis was placed on comfort and safety for the public, and maintaining acceptable temperature and humidity for the materials in the library.

Key projects of this program:

  • The New Main library includes 1.25 million volumes, 350 computer stations, 400-seat auditorium, multipurpose room, bookstore, and parking garage.
  • The West Super Regional, a 50,000 SF branch added a meeting room for 200 people, an electronic classroom, and a café.
  • The 12,000 SF Argyle Branch includes a 50-person meeting room and a special children’s area.
  • South Mandarin, a 25,000 SF branch includes a 100-person meeting room and two additional conference spaces.
  • University Park, a 15,000 SF branch with warehouse space; serves as the system’s Central Information and Support Services area; location of the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library.
  • Maxville Branch, an 8,500 SF facility.
  • Pablo Creek Regional, 40,000 SF facility includes meeting space for 200 people as well as group study rooms.
  • The renovations to the 12 branches included HVAC improvements, new elevators, window replacements, lighting improvements, expansions of children’s rooms, and new front desks, among other enhancements. 


Program Management


Jacksonville, FL


443,500 SF new buildings; 212,105 SF renovations