Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

The design of the Metro Atlanta Chamber's (MAC) new 26,000 SF office is driven by the desire to connect businesses with the rich history and dynamic future of Atlanta.  Focused on business relationships, the Metro Atlanta Chamber sought to create an innovative and flexible work environment that fosters a connected community and encourages creative, team oriented collaboration and problem solving. The new office reflects the history and progress of the city of Atlanta and incorporates locally-sourced building materials into the design. The program includes spaces for meetings and large functions with exceptional amenities. In support of the client’s mission the design focused on three main elements: branding, integrated and interactive technology, and connectivity.

Because MAC interacts with the world’s top tech companies, it was vital that the technology used on the project be cutting edge, seamlessly integrated and interactive.  Elements such as interactive displays that provide greater flexibility for messaging and branding required intensive coordination to ensure an overall integrated look and ease of operation. The interactive hi-tech graphics and displays surrounded by a palette of rich finishes reflect the character of the region, the space creates an immersive experience for visitors.

Turner & Townsend Heery’s driving factor behind the design was to shape a prestigious environment that supports all aspects of the MAC’s strategies and functions, while also conveying the rich history and dynamic future of the region. The environment communicates the many aspects of the client’s strategies in a forum that facilitates networking and provides flexibility to build lasting and trusted business relationships.



Interior Design


Atlanta, GA


26,000 SF