In the midst of a budget crisis in the late 1980s, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) had to abandon nine projects for which construction documents had been completed, were in progress or, in several instances, already under construction. When the economy improved, the mayor and commission passed a bond issue for a new construction program.

Having an ongoing relationship with the school district since 1994, Heery was selected to provide staff augmentation support to assist in managing the School Improvement Plan without having to hire new staff. Heery has worked continuously for MNPS, touching every one of the district’s facilities. During the launch of the first part of the School Improvement Plan, Heery conducted an initial review of the planning and design programs already established by MNPS; revisited project priorities to confirm the budget, schedule, and program compatibility; and established a master schedule and management plan to facilitate the implementation of this aggressive building program.

This program delivered both new construction and renovation of 25 schools, including construction of one new high school, renovations and/or additions to five high schools, replacement of seven elementary schools and one middle school, and a variety of health, safety, security and deferred maintenance projects at various locations that were implemented over a two-year period. The program concluded with Heery successfully completing work at every one of the district’s 130 school facilities.


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Nashville, TN


130 Projects