Oak Ridge National Laboratories - Leadership Computing Facility

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's (ORNL) 10,000 SF Leadership Computing Facility houses one of the world’s fastest, most powerful supercomputer. The supercomputer is used to tackle national challenges, such as sustainable energy solutions, safe nuclear energy systems, advanced materials, sustainable transportation, climate change, and detailed knowledge of atomic-level structure and dynamics of materials. The design of the Leadership Computing Facility furthers ORNL’s commitment to research in science, energy, and technology.

After years of working on numerous successful projects at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Heery provided overall master planning, architectural, and structural and civil engineering services for the new complex. CBRE | Heery worked with a team of individuals at Oak Ridge that include strategic planners, facility managers, general contractors and end users to ensure that the final result is a comprehensive solution that addresses the many needs of the organization. The first project to incorporate the new approach is a 30,000 SF build-out on two floors in the CSBX Research Building. The space includes private and open offices pulled away from exterior windows to allow light into the space, both open and closed collaboration areas for meetings, and more open workstations with glass transoms and lower panels.

Additionally, the project includes a new 20 megawatt power and cooling plant and an expanded central energy plant to provide space for the additional mechanical equipment. A 95’ pipe bridge extending from the new central energy plant into the Leadership Computing Facility was also put into place.




Oak Ridge, TN


10,000 SF