Patrick Air Force Base Clinic Renovation

The Patrick Air Force Case Clinic Renovation project was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of the 2009 stimulus program and is the second largest ARRA funded project in Brevard County, Florida.  

The facility was originally constructed in the 1960s.  It provides pharmacy, flight medicine, family health, physical therapy, and laboratory and radiology services to military men, women, and their families.

Patrick AFB was an integrated design-build project, where Turner & Townsend Heery provided architecture, engineering, interior design, and construction for the phased expansion to renovate and modernize the 45th Medical Group’s 60,000-SF clinic. Distinctive aspects of the project include a vastly improved lobby and waiting area that provides a welcome and inviting atmosphere for the 300 patients and their families who visit daily, as well as for medical staff. Turner & Townsend Heery was also responsible and held the contract for Initial Outfitting and Transition (IO-T). The facility had remained open and actively treating patients throughout the four-phased renovation and upgrade of the circa 1960s 75-bed, two-story inpatient hospital that had been converted to an outpatient facility. This project reconfigured, realigned, modernized, and right-sized the existing building and ancillary departments, such as the pharmacy and laboratory, to meet today’s operational standards and patient expectations, as well as to support the latest technology and equipment.

Working within the hospital’s existing footprint, the Turner & Townsend Heery design-build team delivered a 30% increase in usable space through better space utilization, state-of-the-art waiting areas comparable to those found in private sector clinics, and modern patient systems. The design emphasizes proper adjacency among departments, correcting major deficiencies in patient way-finding, and creating a clinical environment that adheres to today’s standards and patient expectations. Meeting the needs of Patrick’s nearly 15,000 beneficiaries who rely on the 45th medical group for their healthcare needs required our design team to achieve better patient flow throughout the facility.



Interior Design
Construction Management


Melbourne, FL


60,000 SF


2013 DBIA Southeast Region’s Best Renovation - Second Place