Turner & Townsend Heery has renovated a number of Air Force medical clinics, most recently winning contracts for work at Seymour Johnson AFB and Robins AFB. The Turner & Townsend Heery team employs evidence-based design to meet the primary objectives of these projects, with a focus on improving the clinic environment, reducing patient stress levels, and improving patient outcomes.

Turner & Townsend Heery’s design-build team was awarded a $17.4 million Medical Clinic Realignment project for the 21st Medical Group (21 MDG) at Peterson Air Force Base (AFB) in Colorado. The primary purpose of this project is to correct space deficiencies, inefficient space utilization and outdated systems and equipment within three of the base’s medical facilities. At 21MDG’s Buildings 959 and 725, the contract calls for renovating and right-sizing approximately 46,000 SF to better serve patients and administrative/clinical staff. U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) standards indicate that the staff in Building 959 are currently operating with approximately 50% of their required program square footage.

By relocating some administrative and back-of-house functions from Building 959 to an underutilized Building 725, additional space can be renovated that will allow for more optimal patient care and working conditions. Improved adjacencies will help departments such as public health, operate more efficiently, while expanded treatment areas will allow groups such as the physical therapy clinic, which is ranked first in physical therapy referrals in the Air Force, to bring in additional medical personnel to help handle their caseloads.

The 21MDG Area Dental Laboratory in Building 2012, the Air Force’s busiest dental laboratory serving 41 satellite bases and DOD facilities, will be updated with new furniture, equipment, finishes, HVAC systems, and color corrective lighting. The renovations will take place in three construction phases, with on-going operations being maintained within each building.

Key project components include:

  • Additional space for patient care
  • Improved adjacencies among departments
  • Expanded treatment areas
  • New furniture, equipment, finishes, HVAC systems and color corrective lighting for the dental laboratory



Construction Management


El Paso County, CO


46,000 SF