Port of Seattle North Satellite Renovation and Expansion

Turner & Townsend Heery has been working with the Port of Seattle for over a decade and is currently holding a construction management services contract for the renovation and expansion of the North Satellite and North Terminal at SeaTac Airport. This $658.3-million program will, in large part, upgrade Alaska Airlines’ operational capabilities at the airport which, as of 2016, was the ninth busiest airport in the country.

The two-phased occupied expansion and renovation of the 45-year-old North Satellite terminal will more than double the existing terminal’s size with an additional 255,000 SF. Phase I involves the new construction of eight gates to the existing 12 gates, opening in January and May of 2019. Phase II will involve the renovation and expansion of the existing terminal to be completed toward the end of 2021.

The work is targeting LEED Silver certification - SeaTac’s third project to achieve this rating. Thanks to the sustainable efforts, approximately 95% of construction waste will be diverted from landfill to recycling. 750,000 gallons of rainwater will be captured from the roof and used to flush toilets 500,000 times a year. All six new escalators will employe efficient technology, reducing the energy used to keep escalators moving when they are not in use. The baggage system will utilize an upgraded controls system that minimizes operation and energy use by only running conveyors when bags are occupying them.

Thanks to the added gate capacity, Alaska Air will run more flights in and out of the North Satellite and will show off the flagship, 15,000-SF Alaska Airlines lounge at the rooftop level. These large-scale efforts will offer enhanced operational efficiency, an improved experience for travelers, ample natural lighting and fluid circulation, and expansive views of the airfield and mountains.

Dining and retail space will double that of the existing terminal, increasing to 46,000 SF and offering passengers an appealing variety of options for shopping and dining while waiting for flights. As a result, 23 new local vendors will come on board to offer this new experience. Additionally, each seat in the holdrooms will be powered, allowing passengers to charge their devices as they wait. Further adding to the enhanced experience will be a 30-foot living wall of plants situated over the central market place as well as a tree sculpture by renowned artist, John Grade, constructed of 8,000 lbs. of Alaskan spruce.

Turner & Townsend Heery’s construction management support team consists of eleven staff engaged in various roles and at differing capacities, including resident engineers, construction inspectors, cost estimators, and a scheduler. The team provides site observation and oversight, change order management, and pay application management.


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