Snohomish County Courthouse

The new Snohomish County Courthouse located in downtown Everett will no longer resemble a marble and granite justice temple. The new courthouse will depart from resembling a classical justice building and receive a more modern look.

Heery was chosen to design the new 256,000 SF Snohomish County Courthouse, replacing a 117,000 SF facility that served the county’s justice functions for over 50 years. The new facility is located across the street from the existing County campus, forming an extension to the campus fabric and defining an eight-story edge to a lively and well-used civic plaza at the center of the jail, administration, and Mission Building.  The façade design, tile floor and wood paneling patterns are analogous to the region’s history in the logging industry that was economically vital to Snohomish County at the turn of the century. The movement and energy in the dynamic shifting patterns are reminiscent of the historical photographic imagery of timber logs floating on a river current, and the shapes and patterns they form.

The project is tracking LEED Gold and incorporates sustainable features including rainwater harvesting, recycled materials, high efficiency mechanical system, high performance glazing, and a rain garden.

The new courthouse design includes the following elements and updates:

  • Contemporary planning standards to improve operations, security and circulation
  • Separate circulation for secure access and movement within the building
  • Replaces 20 existing courtrooms
  • Administrative departments critical to the operations of the courts
  • Renovation and infill of the 40,000 SF Mission Building, an existing courts administration facility located adjacent to the site.


Interior Design
Courts Planning and Programming


Everett, WA


256,000 SF