University of Washington Playhouse Theater

The University of Washington’s Playhouse Theater is a historic building that required new electrical and mechanical systems and a verification of the performance of those newly installed systems.

Recognizing the sensitivity of this structure, Heery carefully commissioned the building to verify proper installation, functionality, operation, and performance of the installed mechanical and electrical systems. Heery reviewed the project documents, drawings, specifications, equipment sequences of operation, and provided a report of understanding, as well as reviewed contractor submittal data, start-up and testing sequences, static check sheets, and functional testing procedures. Additionally, Heery provided a commissioning issues log, conducted numerous site visit reports, reviewed testing and balancing reports and issues, verified DDC control system integration and graphics pages, wrote and managed the functional testing, and issued a comprehensive final report.

Commissioning services for this now-optimized 13,000 SF building were completed in 2009 and the project achieved LEED Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council.




Seattle, WA


13,000 SF


LEED Gold Certified