Osceola County Sheriffs Building

The administration offices for the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department sits on a 26.5-acre site and consists of a two-story administration building, evidence storage facility, training / crime scene building, K-9 training area, vehicle service area, surface parking, and sitework. The new complex consolidates a number of departments including forensics, criminal investigations, patrol division, special operations, and human resources and features a fitness center, briefing rooms, and shell space for future expansion within the facility.

At the beginning of the project, Heery Design, working with the County, established a task force consisting of the Osceola County Facilities Department, the users of the facility and the Construction Manager for the project. The first task for the team was to establish a needs assessment report which was used to generate the current building program.

The project was designed with both budget and user in mind and features a freestanding facility constructed of tilt-up concrete with in-laid brick and stucco finishes that complement the government complex while meeting the specific needs of the Sheriff’s department.

Several challenges presented themselves early in the project. First, there were issues resulting from the site itself. The site is heavily impacted by a FEMA 100-year flood plain and wetlands. The second challenge involves the sharing of the property development with the owner and the permitting process that is required to gain approval from the South Florida Water Management District. Finally, there was the architectural challenge for the establishment of an image that represents the importance and dignity of the office for the Sheriff of Osceola County. In addition, the team was challenged with the difficult problem of balancing the desires of the users (sheriff’s department) with the budget established by the county. The space of the current sheriff’s office was exceeded many years ago forcing the department to move to remote locations and utilize temporary facilities.

Components of the Osceola County Sheriffs Building:

  • Two-story administration building
  • Evidence storage facility, training / crime scene building
  • K-9 training area
  • Vehicle service area,
  • Surface parking
  • Space for forensics, criminal investigations, patrol division, special operations, and human resources departments
  • Fitness center
  • Briefing rooms
  • Shell space for future expansion within the facility


Interior Design


Kissimmee, FL


69,200 SF


Justice Facilities Review; AIA National Award of Merit