"Because Play is Healing Too" - Heery Nashville at The Mary Parrish Center

“For us, it’s not just painting a fence.  It is an invitational space for ownership that tells the children of our residents that this is for you.” – Mary Katherine Rand, Associate Director of The Mary Parrish Center

Colorful paint glistened in the sun as members from Heery’s Nashville office washed off their paint brushes and admired the beautiful colors surrounding them. On Saturday, July 8, the Nashville team held their 2017 Heery from the Heart day of service at the Mary Parrish Center for Victims of Domestic & Sexual Violence.

Since its inception, the Mary Parrish Center has demonstrated its ability to shape a brighter future for our world by providing transitional housing to victims of sexual and domestic abuse. As a result, Heery-Nashville has continued to partner with the organization and support its mission by volunteering their time and talents. Last year, the Center was a recipient of the Heery International Foundation’s 2016 Grants.  

To continue their support, Mary Katherine Rand, the Center’s Associate Director, asked the Nashville team to paint the fence surrounding the new kids play area in bright colors to provide a welcome and home-like space exclusively for the Center’s children. Heery volunteers and their families responded with an alternating layout of color supported by red posts and doors. At a later date, Heery will return to provide a series of ‘white’ fence panels for the Center’s children to put their hand-prints, foot-prints and names onto as they have fun in their new playground area. 

The Mary Parrish Center enables survivors of domestic & sexual violence to heal from their abuse, reclaim their autonomy, and reawaken their hopes and dreams.  Heery is proud to partner with The Mary Parrish Center to support their mission of providing transitional housing to victims of domestic and sexual abuse.