Building collaboration into existing facilities
Michael Rometo

Collaboration, integration, teamwork and synergy are all buzz words used in today’s corporate environment. One of Heery’s clients, the Intercontinental Exchange, is putting these terms into practice. To facilitate collaboration amongst their employees they tasked Heery with designing a communicating stair to better connect the office floors in their 14 story corporate headquarters outside of Atlanta, GA. To maintain the usable square footage of the floor plates, Heery designed the communicating stair to “hang” off the side of the building. The stair is supported by two vertical trusses, anchored into the existing building columns at every floor, providing a sturdy and redundant structural system. The glass curtail-wall northern facade gives the employees great views of what makes Atlanta the “City in a Forest”. This communicating stair also enabled Heery’s interior designers to provide a staff break room on every other floor versus every floor, freeing up even more square footage for office/ collaboration spaces.