Heery helps build the nation's fastest supercomputer
Shane Kane

Most designers like working on the large projects with impressive footprints, awe inspiring heights, or skyline changing facades… but every once-in-a-while you get to do a project that looks unassuming but has a fascinating function. One such project that Heery has worked on recently is the OLCF4 project at Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL). While the computer you are reading this post on is cooled by a fan moving air across your processor, today’s supercomputers are so powerful that using moving air to cool them is not possible. These computers/ processors require chilled water for them to run at top performance. The chilled water supplied by the cooling tower atop the steel frame and 90’ long pipe bridge will soon cool the fastest super computer in the western hemisphere. This work by Heery follows our history of providing structural and architectural designs for ORNL’s other super computers the Jaguar, the Kraken and the Titan.