Broward Public Schools

In June 2014, The School Board of Broward County, Florida approved the issuance of $800 million in general obligation bonds to modernize and improve the safety of outdated educational facilities and upgrade instructional technology. This resolution was in direct response to years of unsuccessful advocacy requesting the Florida legislature restore the capital millage rate and the current push in an ongoing effort to address the District’s critical capital budget situation.

Heery was hired to provide Owner’s Representative services for educational facilities projects district-wide, to include all types and manner of services related to Owner’s design and construction programs as required and directed by the Broward County School District to ensure their $800 million General Obligation Bond was managed properly and provided an objective, data-driven overview of the District as a whole, as well as a strategic planning tool for prioritizing the most critical needs facing our schools for safety and security; repairs and renovations; and technology and technology infrastructure.

The Heery team addressed the need for coordination and synergy at each point in the process of planning, designing and building capital projects for this District and the need to achieve this coordination through means that are both flexible and cost-effective. Heery offered flexibility through its capacity to engage professionals with specific expertise at appropriate points in the planning and implementation of projects. This is also cost-effective in that staffing is scalable according to the volume of work in the Program.

As the Program Manager, Heery takes primary responsibility for coordinating the relationships between the team members responsible for planning, design, construction, controls and administration in a manner that is consistent with best practices in the pertinent industry, and which facilitates prompt, complete and smooth hand-offs from one function to the next, thereby minimizing gaps and/or delays in the progress of the program.


Program Management


Broward County, FL