Durham Public Schools

To meet the challenges of keeping up with growth and maintaining current facilities, Durham Public Schools relied on public funding for renovations, upgrades and expansions, and new construction. Two major bonds were approved to address the changing needs of the District focusing on aging facilities, technology, indoor air quality, handicapped accessibility, fire and building code revisions, and other factors contributing to the facility life cycle.    

Heery provided comprehensive program management services to Durham Public Schools (DPS) in a staff augmentation format. Heery’s Program Director served as the Executive Director of Construction and Capital Planning (C&CP), a department within DPS Operational Services. Heery developed a Management Plan to provide resources supporting the 2007 $194 million Bond, active projects in the 2003 $105 million Bond, and close-out of the 2001 $51 million Bond. 

The program’s intent was to touch every school in the District over a ten-year period. Durham’s population was growing at a steady pace, with Durham Public Schools population increasing by about 1.5% to 2% annually. Instructional programs that required specific space and equipment needs also caused many facilities to become non-functional or limiting at best. The average age of DPS facilities at the start of the bond program was 41 years.

Additional projects managed by Heery included those funded by:

  • Public School Building Capital Funds - between $1.3 million and $2.5 million annually
  • North Carolina Education Lottery Funds - between $2.5 million and $3.0 million annually
  • The Holton Career and Resource Center a major renovation of an abandoned Junior High school - $16.6 million
  • The Lakewood Montessori Middle School a major renovation to convert a YMCA - $10.5 million


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