Fayetteville State University Science and Technology Building

To provide the most advanced facilities for its students and for the development of new programs, Fayetteville State University included a new Science and Technology Building on the University's campus. The new facility is dedicated to making a variety of spaces, both programmed and informal, that foster casual interaction and exchange of ideas among and between faculty and students.

CBRE | Heery provided programming, architectural and engineering design services for a new Science and Technology Building. The project consisted of a 60,000 SF facility complete with classrooms, laboratory and research spaces, including auxiliary services and associated parking.

Departments housed in the facility include Forensics, Physics, General Chemistry, Math and Computer Science, and Information Technology, as well as a new data center that serves the entire campus. The facility, which was designed to offer a variety of spaces that foster casual interaction and exchange of ideas, enriches users’ experience of the facility, and enhances its STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) interdisciplinary focus. The design team's central challenge was on how to make the building distinctive in a way that would make the community conscious of the advanced science facilities and programs on campus. The answer was to create a building with dynamic lines, shape and materials indicative of the progressive academic programs inside. The use of modern materials, such as concrete, brick, steel panels, and curtain walls signal that the university is embarking upon a new innovative direction.

CBRE | Heery teamed with Anshen+Allen, an international design firm that focuses on healthcare, science and technology projects for higher education. Key components of the project include:

  • 60,000 SF facility complete classrooms, laboratory and research spaces
  • Auxiliary services
  • Associated parking
  • Use of modern materials to embark upon a new innovative direction




Fayetteville, NC


60,000 SF


Certificate of Merit, Excellence in Project Implementation, State of North Carolina Construction Office