The VA called on the talents and expertise of CBRE | Heery , in joint venture with PMC, for design-build services to create a Joint Ambulatory Care Center (JACC). The Pensacola Joint Ambulatory Care Center is operated jointly by the VA and the U.S. Navy, the outpatient facility situated on a 25-acre site on the grounds of the Naval Technical Training Center at Corry Station.  While there, veterans can visit a primary care clinic with full-service oncology, cardiology and minor surgery facilities, psychiatric services, physical medicine and rehabilitation service center, pharmacy and eye, ear and dental clinics.

The need for an exceptionally large roof of more than 100,000 SF also created major challenges. Local hurricane requirements specify that roofs must be designed and built to withstand 145 mph hurricane winds and to shed massive amounts of rain water. The roof was fabricated and installed in single, almost 120-foot lengths. This created a design solution that handled the volume of water and kept the building water-tight.

Early in the construction phase, the Pensacola area secured a devastating blow from Hurricane Katrina.  The construction market changed immediately. Subcontractors abandoned the construction site for emergency repair work and more lucrative opportunities. The design-build team re-evaluated every aspect of the project to remain on schedule and budget. CBRE | Heery’s Safety Plan includes hurricane preparedness, which allowed the team to manage the impact of the hurricane in an occupied facility during construction.

The JACC features a mall-like design with a three-story atrium filled with natural light, providing energy efficient lighting as well as a sense of well-being for patients and visitors. The low-rise building presents an intimate, easy-access facility, despite its size of 213,500 SF.


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213,500 SF