Wake County Public Schools

For more than 20 years, Heery served as part of the WCPSS’s facility planning and construction management team, delivering $2.3 billion in school construction encompassing 75 new facilities, over 175 addition / renovation projects plus 224 miscellaneous building system replacements and upgrades. Heery’s services for Wake County Public Schools have ranged from providing full program management with an all Heery staff; providing a hybrid arrangement for program management with school and Heery staff working side-by-side; and overseeing project controls and providing training for WCPSS project managers.

Heery provided full program management services for the Phase I and Phase II building programs. Heery program management services for the Phase IIIA through PLAN 2000 building programs, which were performed in conjunction with Wake County Public School System personnel. Heery provided program consultant services for the PLAN 2004 building program – this included the development of individual project budgets, master scheduling, cash flow projections and administrative oversight. Heery’s services at WCPSS included leadership, mentoring, and training of staff for program and project management oversight. Initially, Heery provided all services to deliver the building programs in Phases I and II. In subsequent phases, Heery services focused more on leadership and mentoring, as Heery staff was supplemented by the school system’s project managers.

The Heery project team successfully developed and prepared bond referendums for seven programs while at WCPSS from Phase I through PLAN 2004. Each bond program included key detailed information in its development such as programs, budgets, schedules and cash-flow projections. A key component of all successful bond programs was stakeholder engagement. Heery led the efforts of arming the stakeholders with critical information to assist them in supporting each of these programs. 



Program Management
Construction Management


Raleigh, NC


75 new facilities, over 175 additions/renovations